Passenger Service

Badger Cab is a shared-ride service. By sharing your ride you can save 30% to 50% on your cab fare. In instances where you are taken directly to your destination, you still enjoy our low, shared-ride, zone rates. Please allow about 10-15 minutes of additional travel time for most rides.

Ordering Immediate Service

When ordering immediate service, please call our dispatch office at (608) 256-5566. Please be ready to provide the following information: Where you are, where you will be going, and how many in your party. If you are catching a plane or a bus or your ride involves an appointed time of arrival - let us know. Also, please be ready when you call. You can generally expect your cab in 5 to 20 minutes.

Making A Reservation

We require the same general information as immediate service with the addition of your name and phone number. Please keep in mind that making a reservation doesn't necessarily mean a cab will arrive exactly at the time scheduled. Generally we anticipate a cab arriving within 15 minutes of this time. If you do not see your cab at the scheduled time, feel free to call (608) 256-5566 to check on the status of your cab. If possible, place your reservation during business hours, Monday thru Friday, at (608) 256-5566.

Your Cab Fare

Badger Cabs do not have taxi meters. Our fares are determined by a zone system. Simply put, the rate for one passenger, between any two zones is a predetermined amount. Each additional passenger in a party traveling between the same two points is an additional $1.00. Every driver has a book outlining every zone in our zone system. In addition, every driver has a book of tables referencing over thirty thousand possible fares. You may call us at (608) 256-5566 for exact fares between any two locations in Madison and estimated fares for out of town trips.

Airport Service


Airlines advise passengers to arrive at the terminal at least 90 minutes prior to flight departure. International flights require earlier arrival times. To insure prompt service, please try to make your reservation at least one day in advance. We will advise you as to what pickup time is required to assure that you get to the airport when you wish. If you are calling for immediate pickup and traveling from downtown or the campus area, please allow at least thirty minutes before you need to arrive at the airport. Please allow more time during inclement weather or for longer trips. Remember; always let us know when your flight departs and when you need to arrive at the terminal.


Badger Cabs can often be found in the taxi holding area of the terminal. If there are no Badger Cabs in the holding area, please call us at (608) 256-5566. We can generally have a cab there within ten minutes. Note: You are not required to engage the first cab in the holding area, you may choose any cab you wish.

Parcel Service

Why have Badger Cab deliver your parcels when you can do it yourself? Simple - you can make more money doing your job than you can save by doing ours. Just add up the cost of your time alone, and the trip across town to deliver a contract, a document or supplies is a lot more expensive than what it costs to have Badger Cab do the job. And when you consider all the insurance, vehicle and wage costs of putting couriers on your payroll, Badger Cab's delivery service makes great sense too. Call (608) 256-5566 or e-mail us today for information on how to set up a business charge account. Super Saver: Our economy same day delivery service. Regular Service: Guaranteed delivery within 90 minutes of request. Priority Service: Guaranteed delivery within 60 minutes of request. Quantity Discount: Save when sending out multiple parcels. Customized Service: Designed to meet your needs.