Job Opportunities

Why drive a Badger Cab?

Driving a Badger Cab is an interesting part-time or full-time job that can fit into anyone's schedule or lifestyle. Starting pay can be in the $8.00 to $12.00 range and increase with experience.

Flexibility is a common reason many people are attracted to driving at Badger Cab. You may choose from eight, ten and even twelve-hour shifts. We offer more than twenty different shifts, each of varying length and starting times. Few jobs offer the opportunity to meet as many diverse people while working in an environment where you are essentially your own boss. Badger Cab offers a lengthy training period which enables you to earn as you learn.

  • *At least 23 years of age
  • *Possess a valid Wisconsin driver's license with a minimum of 2 years experience.
  • *A good driving record.
  • *Madison Police Department background check.
  • *A good knowledge of Madison's major streets and landmarks.

Job Description

Drivers are independent contractors, not employees of Badger Cab. The vehicle is leased from the company and the lease fee covers fuel, insurance and dispatch service.

The ability to deal with the public, handle cash and keep accurate records is required. Motivated, self-starters do well at this position. Compensation is dependent on street knowledge and the ability to learn our dispatch system. Wages increase rapidly with experience.

Call (608) 256-1363 during business hours for more information.