Not Your Ordinary Cab Company

For over one half century, there have been two types of taxi cab companies serving the city of Madison - metered cabs & zone cabs. Metered cabs, under normal circumstances, are legally required to provide individual, direct to destination service. The rates for metered cabs include an initial pickup charge plus additional charges for distance traveled and for time not in motion, as determined by the taxi meter.

Zone cabs may legally transport separate passengers at the same time, if they share a common route. The rates for Badger Cab, Madison's only zone cab company, are predetermined between any two points, regardless of the route taken. There is also a nominal charge for each additional passenger in a party. Fares are often as little as 2/3 that of metered cab rates, while involving only minimal delays.

Environmentally Friendly

This common sense approach to personal transportation provides an affordable alternative to conventional taxi service and helps reduce traffic congestion. In addition, since 1980, Badger Cab's entire fleet has been fueled by clean burning propane fuel, reducing air pollution. Try Badger Cab the next time you need taxi service - it can save you money!

Badger Cabs have run on propane since 1980 Propane fuel produces about 20% less CO2 compared to operating on gasoline. In those 30 years we've cut our CO2 output by between fifteen and twenty thousand tons of CO2. All other polluting emissions have been significantly cut as well.

That has all been accomplished with American made automobiles and North American fuel sources. NO MIDDLE EAST PETROLEUM PRODUCTS OR FOREIGN MANUFACTURED HYBRID CARS!

Madison's Original Taxi Cooperative

Badger Cab was established in the summer of 1946. Upon their return from World War II, six veterans with taxi backgrounds pooled their resources and established Badger Cab Company. Each one owned at least one vehicle and as independent "owner-operators" shared the expenses of a dispatch service and a business office. Badger Cab was Madison's original taxi cooperative. As business increased and the size of the company grew, drivers added vehicles to their holdings and leased them to other drivers. Eventually the company incorporated with the original "owner-operators" becoming shareholders. In 1980 Badger Cab converted it's fleet to cleaning burning propane fuel.

Badger Cab Today

Today, although the company is privately owned, all Badger Cab drivers are independent contractors, with lease fees paying the common expenses of capital purchases, fuel, maintenance, dispatching services, office expenses, staff salaries, etc. Serving the general public, government agencies and area businesses, Badger Cab services almost one million passengers and delivery customers per year, logging over 3 million miles annually.